We love making full motion video (FMV) games!
We create and own 100% of the IP in all of our games, so
please contact us directly for any licensing or publishing enquiries.

Murderous Muses

Our 4th game that blends FMV with a procedurally generated 3D gallery, Murderous Muses is a supernatural murder mystery that's infinitely replayable!

Dark Nights with Poe and Munro

Our 3rd and final FMV game in the first trilogy. Guide Poe and Munro through six supernatural tales in August, whilst trying to keep them (and their relationship) alive...

The Shapeshifting Detective

Our second FMV game puts you into *everyone's* shoes. Shapeshift into suspects and carry on conversations behind closed doors to catch the killer. Just don't get caught...

Doctor Dekker

Our first and Guinness World Record breaking FMV game. Play as a psychiatrist to solve your predecessor's murder - with full text interface and over 1000 video responses...


The original and bestselling home of the world's first boxed and downloadable truly flexible murder mystery dinner party games. The host can play, no shows are fine, with a random murderer and audio evidence that's performed by professional actors. Welcome to Murder Mystery Flexi Party® and Murderous Decisions® - the first murder mystery dinner party game with branching decisions!

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